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We value our patients' experience at True Balance Performance Clinic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Travis Thyfault

Reviews From our Satisfied Patients:

  • "I have always received top notch care from Dr. Thyfault. I am an athlete who competes in the sports of Olympic Weightlifting and CrossFit. When I met him in 2012 I had barely scratched the surface of what I could do physically but I was experiencing a plateau largely due to pain.

    In 2008 I had a life changing experience. I fell off of a cliff as a result of a motorcycle accident and suffered major injuries to my right wrist and left middle and ring fingers all of which required to be surgically repaired. When the doctors told me I could get back to training I was overcome with joy. However, I didn’t realize there were undiscovered issues from my crash waiting to be discovered."
    Zachary Brodis
  • "I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me. I know without a doubt, I would not be where I am at without you. Jay and I will be making special visits back to Utah just to see you! Thanks to you, I am another step closer to my dream."
    Allie Wisner
  • "Amazing chiropractor! Coming from a veteran patient, Dr. T does fantastic work and takes the time to explain what and why he's doing. And Teresa (secretary) is always on top of reminding me of my appointment. Great work all around!"
    Chris Bentley
  • "I am a huge fan of True Balance Performance Clinic! A friend referred me when I hurt my back doing dead lifts this summer. Dr. Thyfault’s work was not only key in my back recovery, but he has also rid me of my chronic shoulder issues of which many Cross-Fitters struggle. Dr. Thyfault is unlike any Chiropractor I had encountered and I would recommend his skills to anyone suffering from any muscle or joint issues. Even with no known issues, Dr. Thyfault can help you improve as an athlete!"
    Shane Jorgensen
  • "I have been going to True Balance for a few months now and I am feeling so much better than I did before. I was told I needed knee surgery and didn't want to go through that again so I went and talked to Travis to see if he could help me. I am so happy because I feel better I am not all the way fixed yet but I am doing good I can get up and down from the floor and could not do that before. I can climb stares that makes me happy I could not do that either and my back pain is off thanks Travis I hope people read this and know that this works I am happy."
    Marcie Lee
  • "Travis has worked on both me and my wife. When I first started with him I had serious problems with my shoulder, only had particle movement without pain. Now I am doing great. He has fixed other small problems I had. My wife is doing great with the help he did for her. We would highly recommend Travis to anyone with no reservation."
    Rick Brenchley
  • "This is the place to be, if you have any pain at all! Doc. T and Doc. Earl treat you right!"
    Quinn Fabrizio
  • "I had shoulder pain that turned into frozen shoulder. Dr Thyfault and Dr Earl used AMIT, PEMF, and Prolozone and the pain was reduced after the first treatment by nearly 90%. Truly a miracle! I can see why people fly from all over the US to Utah to be treated by this team of doctors. They are special. Please try them before surgery! You don't have to live with the pain."
    Catherine Astalos
  • "I cannot say enough good about how Dr. Thyfault and Dr. Earl have helped my knees and shoulder and my son's leg. We have gotten answers and relief from pain that we haven't gotten before. They offer help and hope and results--without surgery!"
    Cathy Brown Ure
  • "Although I work as a medical advisor and have the opportunity to get a lot of chiropractic adjustments I generally decline because I don't like them; however, Dr. Thyfault is not like the others. His AMIT technique along with gifted chiro talent puts him at the top of my list."
    Kim Baker Look
  • "Dr. Thyfault has been working with my shoulder for a couple weeks now and I have seen major improvements. My strength and mobility have been coming back with every session and I'm backing to doing everything I was before I went to see him."
    Joe Lucich
  • "No one can argue with the help Dr Thyfault has given to my husband who suffered a spinal stroke in 2013. He was left completely disabled. I was so impressed with the movement my husband regained I decided to see Dr Thyfault myself for an injury to my right hip that had been treated by two other chiropractors previous with very little relief. Within a few weeks I was pain free. Not only in my hip but my entire back that had issues from childhood. Well worth every sacrifice in money and time to receive treatment!"
    Jane Williamson
  • "In January 2015 I was suffering from a herniated disk and was experiencing so much pain that I couldn't perform anything but the most simple tasks. I couldn't lay flat or stand straight. After 3 or 4 visits with Dr Thyfault I was able to return to more normal activity and was mostly out of pain. A year later I am back to my active self, kick boxing, running, and anything else I want to do. I am totally pain free. I would recommend Dr Thyfault to anyone. He has given me my life back."
    Colette Rockhill
  • "Dr. Thyfault is amazing!! Came in with severe low back pain, not able to walk very well. He's been working on me every day for a week, and I can't even tell you the turn around that I've had since seeing him. I have very little to no pain and I'm getting back to my normal activities."
    Lindsie Nielsen
  • "I always feel amazing when I leave the clinic. He is very helpful and caring to help you feel better."
    Shanna Engebretsen

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