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True Balance specializes in products that are designed to improve your quality of life. From our individually designed Functional Orthotics, to our customized footwear and support pillows – we want you to live pain free and healthy.

We can improve your overall health by supporting your foundation. The feet are the foundation of the body. They support you when you stand, walk, or run. Feet also help protect your spine, bones, and soft tissues from stress as you move.

By stabilizing and balancing your feet, Foot Levelers orthotics enhance your body’s performance and efficiency, reduce pain, and contribute to your total body wellness. Our orthotics complement your healthcare professional’s treatment when you stand, walk, and live your life in balance.

Back pain, along with many other ailments, is a common symptom of an unbalanced foundation. Having an unbalanced foundation can cause dysfunction of the joints and muscles of the back, and can cause nerve root syndromes such as herniated discs, spinal degeneration, and inflammation. Achieving a balanced foundation may reduce this pain and dysfunction of the lower back.

To begin a path towards a balanced foundation and reduce low back pain, ask Dr Thyfault about Functional Orthotics: